2015 Books 

Midnight on Lime Street book cover
Release date: December 2015 

What possible connections might exist between an aged man who used to sell shoes, some ladies of the night, three abused schoolboys, two nuns, two police officers, a philanthropist, a serial killer, a drugs cartel, Lime Street Station and a mansion in Southport in whose grounds donkeys and horses are kept?

The answer lies in love, friendship and the determination to endure all the way to the winning post. 


Meet Me at the Pier Head cover image 

Release date: June 2015

Comfortably settled into his expatriate life in post war Britain, headmaster Theodore's secrets are set to remain deeply buried. Until she breezes in. Tia Bellamy: vivacious, intriguing, a nuisance. Tia cuts through his reserve and, for the first time in years, Theo finds himself able to confront his past and reveal the events carved into his heart and seared into his soul.

Together they form a strong bond with the residents of the community, closely befriending Maggie Stone and her granddaughter, little Rosie. However, Theo and Tia soon realize that Rosie is the victim of an abusive mother. It isn't long before they decide to take drastic action, and all three lives are changed forever...